5 curiosities about Green wine

5 curiosities about Green wine

In this article we will talk about 5 curiosities of vinho verde that you probably didn‘t know about! This wine, literally translated from vinho verde, is unique in the world and comes from a region in the north of Portugal, which the mountains of the Peneda - Gerês national park are part of.

The main characteristics are it‘s freshness, due to its natural acidity, with fruity and floral aromas that depend on the grape variety, it can quite often be slightly sparkling

So, let‘s jump to the top 5 curiosities you should know about!

1 - There are 4 types of green wine!

The name "green wine" can be misleading since the actual description should be more like young wine. It‘s usually produced less than 6 months after the harvest and consumed not much longer after it is bottled.

The color green suggests that the wines would all be white, but that is not true! There are in fact 4 types of green wine: the white, the tint, the rosés and the Sparking ones! There are also some vinegars made out of green wine.

The most widely sold and recognizable one is still the white and greenish type one, so that is why it is usually known as a white kind of wine.

2 - Vinho verde is the second most exported in Portugal!

Right after the famous Port wine, vinho verde is the most exported wine from Portugal.

The United States and Germany are the 2 biggest external markets in the more than 100 portugal sells to. Just The United States alone can buy close to 20 millions euros annually!

3 - Vinho verde was the first wine exported to the United kingdom.

With references since the roman occupation (that‘s right, two millenia), the wine was cultivated in the south of Minho river.

That led to Vinho verde becoming the first European recognized wines in Europe and exported and transactional with The United kingdom since even before the Douro region famous port wine.

4 - Vinho verde region is one of the largest and oldest wine regions in the world.

It contains around 20.000 producers (the Douro region has 30.000 producers) and has an estimated annual production of 80 million wine liters divided by 2000 brands.

The whole region encompasses the Minho and Douro Litoral provinces and is divided into 9 Sub - regions. Check the map on the right

5 - A 3 year old Vinho verde is considered a “very old” wine!

That seems like a joke no? But this is one of the main characteristics of Vinho verde, it‘s youth.

Here are some of the oldest aging characteristics:

- Old Reserve: at least 2 years of cask aging
- Very Old: at least 3 years of cask aging
- VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale): at least 4 years of cask aging
- XO (Extra Old): at least 6 years of cask aging

Most of the wine is less than 1 year old.

So, did you get surprised? One of the ways you can experience this unique wine is in the Mountains of the National park, using a “Malga”, a special cup traditionally used to drink the Vinho verde wine.

If you are looking for a non formal way of drinking wine with the locals while having a great day in nature, check out one of this tours.

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