Top 5 Vegetarian and Vegan food restaurants in Gerês National park

Top 5 Vegetarian and Vegan food restaurants in Gerês National park

The same old story

It's always the same story, you arrive in a new country and a new city and you always end up wondering where you are going to have a safe vegetarian or vegan meal that does not involve a simple salad with 2 tomato slices.

This job becomes even harder when you need to find it in the middle of the mountains!

Where can I find the best vegetarian restaurants? Is that really an option in the middle of Gerês national park? Are vegetarian and vegan options really a thing there?

Well, Although it is true that the portuguese gastronomic culture in general is very meat intensive and that it's a little bit hard in general to find this kind of option outside the big cities, the paradigm is changing rapidly in the last few years for the best.

When we arrived in Gerês 8 years ago, vegetarian meals were basically salads, and there were really no real options available, but right now, we can safely say that although there might be some distance between options, you can already find safe bets.

In this article we give you 5 good examples (plus an extra special one) on where you can find great Vegetarian and vegan food close to Porto, in the the national park!

Vai a Fava

With a great view over the river, this restaurant combines good vegetarian and vegan options with a great and charming place.

Restaurant -
Vai a Fava

Di Nando

If you are in the mood for a great vegetarian pizza or pasta this is the place to go! They also offer some nice Vegan options.

The garlic bread is a must try!

Restaurant - Di Nando

Tempus Restaurant

This one is a bit more expensive option, but if you are looking for Vegetarian food inside a modern building with a panoramic view over the mountains do not look further!

We recommend the Linguini Salteado com Legumes

Restaurant - Tempus Restaurant

Vai Vai Geres

These 2 last places are located in the heart of the park, which is a bit more difficult to find vegetarian options, but in this place you can eat delicious vegetarian/vegan burgers and pizzas!

Vai Vai Geres

Pensão Manuel Pires

This place is like home,it is humble but they manage to keep a good quality for a reasonable price. You can expect fresh and local products and a smile on their face!

Pensão Manuel Pires

For our special place, if you want to eat vegetarian or vegan food in the heart of the mountains within an ancient village called the “wolf village” we recommend you come with us on one of our tours!

With an amazing panoramic view and sympathetic and friendly staff we are sure you will be fully satisfied with a simple but robust meal done with love, and also locally fresh products.

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