Porto Tourism Covid Pandemic : what we need to know before travel?

Porto Tourism Covid Pandemic : what we need to know before travel?

COVID-19 – All the information you need for a safe travel to Porto
PORTO could be the dream destinations for travellers looking to escape some of the chaos - from coronavirus ensuing the world right now.
Sun , Nature ; Beach, National Parks ; Best food and wine and one of the first Portugal is the first European country to receive the 'Safe Travels' seal from the World Travel & Tourism Council.
This seal aims to recognize destinations that comply with health and hygiene protocols in line with the Safe Travel Protocols issued by the WTTC, helping, above all, to instill confidence in consumers, so that they feel they can travel safely as soon as restrictions are applied. raised.
What you should know before arrive to Porto ?
1) When i arrive to airoport of Porto , do I have to do any tests?
NO . All passengers landed at porto airport in porto only be subject to thermal screening,no covid test, no quarentine.

2) The public transportation is working?
Yes, public transport remains in operation, but has reduced the capacity of vehicles and/or trains to 2/3 of their total capacity and it is mandatory to wear a facial mask. You can go by metro to the airport to Porto downtown . http://www.metrodoporto.pt

3) Is it possible to go restaurants and bars?
Yes. The restaurants and bars are open and everywhere you will see terraces, prepare yourself to be out of doors in restaurants and bars of porto ,.. to taste great food & wine Too!

4)Are there any new rules in public spaces?
Yes, depending on its size, the different places, such as libraries, stores and supermarkets, allow only a small number of people to enter each time, who must wear a face mask.

5)What about going to the beach?
It is allowed to go to the beach and the beaches have now surveillance The bathing is possible and recomendadle !

6)What about traveling around the country, walking or driving, are there any restrictions?
There are no restrictions on travelling within the country. Social distancing rules and the use of a face mask should be observed in the places where it is indicated.

7) How can I have information about the evolution of the pandemic in Portugal?
You can get updated information on the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic in Portugal at WHO - World Health Organization or at DGS – Portuguese General Directorate of Health.