Outdoor activities in Porto/ Gerês National Park

Outdoor activities in Porto/ Gerês National Park

One of the reasons why hiking in Peneda-Gerês National Park is a special experience, and different from every other national park in Europe, is because water is a constant in practically every trail in the 70.000 hectares of our park.

The cold or hot water springs allow you to finish a hiking trail taking a relaxing bath all year! And more: cold or hot, this water is completely natural, and its unique properties are good for your health!

Hiking in Gerês National Park in the Autumn/Winter season: hot water springs.

During this season, the colours of the tree leaves, the silence of the forest, only disturbed by the sound of the water falling from the waterfalls and flowing in the rivers, the presence of wild horses like Garranos...all those things make your hiking a special and introspective moment. It may be also tiring, since the park has quite a big area that you explore in off-road trails on a 4x4 and because you'll have to bear some cold and maybe even rain.

Now just imagine the end of your journey having a bath in a hot spring...It's a guaranteed relaxing moment before your returning to the city!

Hiking in Gerês National Park in the Spring/Summer season: Cold water springs

If the hot water springs can reach 40º Celsius, the cold water springs do not exceed 14º Celsius. But as incredible as it seems, the relaxing effect of the natural water is the same, regardless of the temperature.

You'll need to be bold to swim in the Gerês lagoons and waterfalls, but the effort is worth it!

When you leave the water, your lungs expand and your nose will detect a thousand scents from nature! You feel your body full of energy, almost like if your brain is thanking your body the pleasure of inactivity underwater, keeping the silent sounds of water forever in your memory!

Come with us and dive into the extraordinary!
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