5 facts you should know about the pandemic situation in Porto

5 facts you should know about the pandemic situation in Porto

1) How is the vaccination process going on in Portugal?

43 % of the Portuguese population is vaccinated with at least one dose of the vaccine which “is enough to provide cellular immunity and protection against severe disease and death”. If you add to these 43 % the approximately 15 %, doing the “bottom line” of people immunized naturally, because they already passed COVID-19 successfully, Portugal is with almost 58 % of “population immunity”.

Portugal has an average rate of 600.000 vaccinations per week, so during the summer we will achieve what the experts define as “herd immunity” with 70% of the population immunized.

2) How does the COVID-19 Digital Certificate of the European Union work in Porto?

This Monday, June 14th, the regulation establishing the new COVID-19 digital certificate of the European Union was signed.

The digital certificate is an all-inclusive tool. It includes people who recovered from COVID-19, people who tested negative, and people who were vaccinated. Everything indicates that it will be easier to travel from the 1st of July.

3) What are the current measures in restaurants, terraces, beaches, hotels and tourist activities, concerning the pandemic, in Porto?

All establishments are open in Porto, the use of masks, distance and disinfectant is, nevertheless, still obligatory.

4) Is Porto a safe destination to travel during the pandemic?

Definitely yes! And, more than that, one of the safest in Europe. Thanks to the speed of vaccinations and the low numbers of infections in Porto and the north of Portugal in general.

5 ) Do I have to conduct a PCR test before returning to my home country?

For now, until further indications with the European certificate, you will have to show a negative PCR test in some occasions. Please see here all the information on the subject and where to go:

Where to do PCR test in Porto?