Oporto the gateway to the best Stand Up Paddle spots in Portugal

Oporto the gateway to the best Stand Up Paddle spots in Portugal

Stand Up Paddle has recently become our new passion. It chooses no ages and it is a great family activity. It is so easy to learn that will get under your skin. For us, the main difference between kayaking and paddling can be compared to riding a car or a bike. When we paddle we see more, we smell more, we feel free.

Best spots for stand up paddle around Oporto:

Paddling at Peneda - Gerês National Park:
The great adventure in the midst of a burgeoning nature in one of the 5 most beautiful parks in Europe!

This national park has peculiar fluvial beaches that assemble all the conditions to learn how to paddle and it's natural landscape makes it the perfect spot to practice this activity.

If you book this tour:
We offer the stand up paddle experience for FREE!!!

Gerês is an ode to an evergreen nature reflected on the streams, and big fishes swimming under your board. Being in this park also means ending your day in a waterfall or in a lagoon's natural spa.
Paddling in the Vineyards of Douro Valley

Douro's vineyards are a magnificent landscape, recognized by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage.

The best spot for paddling is Tua, a great place during the Autumn and Spring. Let yourself marvel with the incredible slopes of this region.

Paddle in Douro Nature Park... alone with vultures!
Imagine paddling with vultures circling around you! This happens on the border between Portugal and Spain but do not fear being taken under a vulture's wing! These birds are an essential part of the landscape composed of 60 meter high slopes.

This park is the furthest place from Porto, but going there is worth the effort as one will watch birds of prey flying high (vultures, eagles and griffons).

Paddle in Douro River:

An eccentric way of crossing the 6 bridges of Porto.

Seeing Oporto from a paddle board in the middle of a river is an amazing experience. However, doing it requires some expertise. The boats in the area create waves that demand some experience to control the balance. Still, crossing D. Luís bridge is the most remarkable experience that we have had until now. It's really something unique.

As mentioned before, paddle is our new “beloved child” and we are well equipped with guides and knowledge capable of delivering the ultimate paddle experience.
We hope you start loving paddle as much as we do!

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Author: Carla Couto
(Oporto Adventure Tours owner)
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