4x4 Off Road Tours / What is possibly stronger than a Land Rover engine?

4x4 Off Road Tours / What is possibly stronger than a Land Rover engine?

A human heart full of passion!

Something extraordinary blooms in my heart whenever our travelers return from Porto and say they had the time of their life!

Something that I just cannot explain, measure, or control. Something that keeps myself burning, and I can do nothing but to fall deeply in love with.

Yes, it is passion. Thankfully, It fueled me with a strong heart to make Oporto Adventure Tours work.

To me, success requires hard work and the quality is the outcome of a large set of details! Thus, I constantly feel the pressure for excellence and it is definitely not enough to hear from visitors that they liked it or that the tour was good.

Often, I put myself in their shoes: "what if I was a single traveler, a wife, a mother or even a school or company member doing team building who have had a good day?"

For us, good is not enough, it has to be excellent!

It might be tough as the work wears you out daily. Nonetheless, the joy of overcoming it is as hydrating as the spring waters of #GeresNationalPark .

That's why with Oporto Adventure Tours, I constantly feed the passion with innovation.

In fact, 2014 was our Paddle year, in Gerês National Park, we have been finding incredible paddle spots that nowhere else has and it happens that we ended up never able to leave the house without a paddle board! That is the reason why we want to share those precious moments with our travellers!

Passions are stronger when shared, and inside our Land Rovers you hear our heart voices louder than its engine.

Carla Couto
(Co - Owner of Oporto Adventure Tours)
Freedom is as important as the air I breathe!

Maybe that’s why I love riding my motorbike, paddling, and driving Land Rovers. I feel the freedom and I breathe better.

I am not as dedicated to details as Carla but I am as much or more demanding as her.

I am free to look at this company not only as someone who looks at his own business.

Carla says a human heart is more powerful than a Land Rover engine as she may not understand everything about cars. The Land Rover in the photo was born in 1981, it still has its original engine and driving it is amazing.

Land Rover itself quotes: "others can drive faster, I can drive anywhere" which is perfect for me. And as I am roaming around on this masterpiece, I call this Freedom, and Passion.

Sergio Miranda
(Co-owner of Oporto Adventure Tours)
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