Medronho, One of the Taste of Fafião in Geres National Park

Medronho, One of the Taste of Fafião in Geres National Park

If you are at Fafião during fall or winter this is a flavor that you will not want to miss, either you are hiking or stoping in Fafião Village during the tour, you can taste it on different ways.

Strawberry Tree (Medronheiro – Portuguese word for the tree) is originally native from western Europe and It is easy to find in the Gerês National Park area during our hiking tours in Autumn and winter.

The Tree is evergreen, large shrub or small tree, 9m tall – 8m wide. It has glossy oval leaves and white flowers from October to December.

The fruits mature slowly within 12 month of time and the tree carries all ripe and raw fruits with flowers, at the same time. Thus, the tree become popular in decorative gardens.

The medicinal use of the tree lies on its qualities: diuretic and antiseptic.
During the hiking, at this time of the year, you will find all the trees full of them, you can easily pick up Medronho directly from the tree to try them. It is just a different way to get evolved in the nature or to act like a local.

The fruits of this small tree have been traditionally consumed raw as a snack or used for desserts. Despite the bland taste that some people may say it has.
The flavor may resemble fresh fig and the texture can remind you je sharon fruit, a bit jelly and soft!

For years, people are using Medronho in a lot of different ways – it can be used in jams, beverages, and liqueurs, such as the Portuguese Medronho, a type of strong brandy that you can taste in some areas of Mediterranean.

So, if during our hike we pick up some of this fall fruits and deliver them to the locals, the most probable is to end up tasting it in all of it forms. And the best part is that they are all homemade!

"Medronho Liquor- Hostel Retiro do Geres"

Medronho Liquor- Hostel Retiro do Geres
Are you eager to try and experience this colorfull time of the year?

Well, if you come around October you will be able to see or even be part of one of the biggest events that happens in Fafião Village – The Medronheiro hiking trail - where people, from all ages gather together to hike through a special path where you can find a lot of Medronheiros trees.
It is all about gathering, nature and eating medronhos of course ;)
Also people take the hike to collect some Medronhos for than to prepare them in the diferent ways (eat it raw, jams, jellys or liquors)