Porto -  Things to do during the Autumn and Winter

Porto - Things to do during the Autumn and Winter

Winter is coming!

This is the motto of House Stark, the lords of the north of Westeros from the Game of Thrones, but here in the north of Portugal, it will not be so sinister since we are always prepared to receive the cold season of the year.

Let's talk about your Winter in Oporto and what you can do if you choose to come at this time of the year.

From October to March/April it is very likely that you will have to travel with a raincoat or a winter jacket and waterproof footwear. During the Autumn and Winter it's not cold in Oporto but you will get steady rain. Nothing that will stop you to seize the city and the surrounding areas. So what will happen is that you will get the lowest prices in accommodation, no queues to visit all the best spots in town and you will be able to see more for much less time and money than during the summer time.

What to do in Oporto during the low season?

As green panthers, we love Nature, come hell or high water! Our first suggestions for outdoor activities are:


Rain doesn't stop us from rafting...the buzz is so high that no one notices if it is raining. Rafting is the perfect plan if you are coming to Oporto with a group of friends or family from October until May. After the adrenaline rush follows the hot bath with a stop in a very typical restaurant where you will eat and drink the most authentic meal from Portuguese gastronomy. Did it rain? I didn't even notice!


The Autumn colors in Peneda – Gerês National Park are simply magic and to walk in Albergaria forest is breathtaking. On the other hand, the rivers, cascades and lagoons are filled up with energy from the water and the sound of it running remains in our minds even when the track is over. 
Albergaria forest, Vilarinho das Furnas, Arado waterfalls, several viewpoints in so many different places for you to see and constantly be surprised! In the end you can end your day in soothing hot springs... Are you ready to be in the warm springs even with rain? You will need waterproof boots and a certain amount of madness! To embark on this epic adventure in autumn/ winter is to take the risk of doing the most unforgettable experience of your life!


Did you know that near Oporto there are spots to watch more than 160 species of birds all year round? For more information go to our website: www.northbirdingtours.com

In the city

Oporto is a city where the main attractions are relatively near to each other. To walk even with rain is an option however the city has a metro, tram and bus that help you to get around. Cafés, taverns, museums, art galleries and many other options for you to visit us at any time of the year. Now you know: if you are a nature lover, do not hesitate to send us your special request or ask us anything you need to know to:
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