Changing/helping the world at an arm's distance

Changing/helping the world at an arm's distance

What's the meaning behind this quote?
It is probably what the majority of our travellers ask themselves, when they hear me or any other guide, that has adopted this expression from Miguel.

Well we need to go a bit far behind, before reaching the year of 2022 when Miguel establishes this expression, not just as his personal statement but probably as OUR statement.
Going back to the spring season of 2017, when Rui Pedro ( guide at OAT) and his team, had the idea of starting a tree nursery with indigenous trees in Fafião Village.

This is the moment where "changing/helping the world at arm's distance" is born without anyone having any idea of the existence of such an expression. Besides is another step to active & participative tourism at OAT and the "touring" with us isn't just about hiking and waterfalls, but also about people and environmental care.
The tree nursery had some ups and downs and took a while to take part as an experience throughout the day tour.
Nowadays, in every tour there is a MOMENT, where everyone sets their hands on the ground, gets THEIR tree and transplants it - "helps nature at an arm's distance" - by giving back to the mountains and village surroundings.
In the end (that I think this is just the beginning!), these everyday transplants turn into a yearly event promoted by the local community (Associação Vezeira de Fafião).

An event where all these trees are planted by everyone: travellers, OAT team members, the locals and their families and others related with nature (all the community). This is the MOMENT, the moment when the two tips of the line end on a circle that can spin over and over again.

This day is about giving back to nature, but also to achieve something. Is about sharing the same passion for nature, the same appreciation over a traditional food & wine, having fun conversations and big laughs! It's a reminder to us that every day and moment counts for "CHANGING/HELPING THE WORLD AT ARMS DISTANCE".

Luis Moreira