5 reasons why Porto is the perfect environment for your team building activities.

5 reasons why Porto is the perfect environment for your team building activities.

Porto is a special destination for company’s gatherings and to prepare your team for the next level of management.

If you are thinking of improving your co-workers performance or simply reward them for a great year, Porto is the right choice for you!

Northern Portugal’s fabulous nature

The city itself is the perfect turf for bonding experiences, but if you want something special you have to meet northern Portugal’s fabulous nature. Peneda-Gerês National Park is just an hour away and it’s the perfect scenery for your company meeting, allowing your associates to know each other better and to connect with themselves and their colleagues. Recent studies proved that nature activities allow people to be more productive and creative.

Gerês has lots of different activities available!

The immense beauty of canyoning, the team spirit of rafting, the coordination in a kayak, the liberty of riding a bike, or even the amazing and rich conversations on a simple hike, guarantees a lot of fun to your team while jumping and relaxing in clear and pristine natural swimming pools. In Gerês we have a lot of different activities available to you and we are always ready to design a journey for you.

Relax, and Let us handle everything!

You, as a manager, are used to having a complete overview of what’s going to happen to achieve the desired results. Let us handle it. We have the inside knowledge, the right contacts, amazing suppliers, and the perfect places to create an unforgettable experience. We will talk things through with you so you can dedicate your time to your team and have a perfect day.

The mountains are perfect and so is the food.

The mountains are perfect and so is the food. Centuries of food tradition are available for you to create the perfect break at the middle of the day or to finish up a great day. A variety of different dishes are available so you can restore your energy and be ready for the next step. Food is also one of the best ways of connecting people. Just imagine, a huge table filled with an assortment of different dishes, on a terrace overviewing the mountains, and a glass of cold white wine… Nourishes body and soul for sure.

The best hosts - Feel like a Local!

There’s only one way of achieving this, with a perfect host. You need someone who’s used to managing things, almost like your right arm. Someone who knows about the whole process, about the places and the activities, that knows the plan and anticipates problems and has a quick and reliable solution. Picking you up at your accommodation and present all the way, he will be there making sure that everything is on the right track.
Visit Porto. Visit Gerês. Organize team building activities in Nature with Oporto Adventure Tours!
Author: Ricardo Brochado
(Oporto Adventure Tours guide)
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